New Reality


by Lisa Young

Jesus promises a rich, satisfying life of significance and purpose, yet worry, doubt, and fear seem to be stealing this great benefit. Anxiety and depression occupy the space designed for peace and joy in our heart. Join Lisa Young as she shares biblical insights through her own spiritual journey from ordinary to extraordinary by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

In this book you will be encouraged to:

  • allow your difficulties to purify your beliefs in order to walk victoriously
  • consider your own identity and purpose in Christ
  • gain perspective by learning to recognize and believe God’s voice
  • experience freedom by throwing out Satan’s lies
  • realize the “secret” of abundant life despite your circumstances

Includes chapter questions for personal reflection and group discussion.

What Others Are Saying:

“’New Reality’ makes the ‘new reality’ that we now have in Christ more tangible and helps us to better understand what it means to live a brand new life in Christ Jesus!”
Larry Reese, Pastor of Discipleship, Rivers Crossing Community Church

“This new book is an enriching devotional to encourage you to experience an abundant life through the Holy Spirit’s transforming power. Lisa’s book has 12 power-packed chapters and includes questions for personal reflection and group discussion for each chapter!”
Cheyenne Olson, Vibrant Relevance

“Lisa took ‘ordinary life’ happenings and wove in the extraordinary peace and purpose that only comes through knowing Jesus. If things have happened in your life and you’ve wondered, ‘Why?’ – then you need to read this book!”
Jackie Karns, Waukesha, WI

“I am reading this book! It is so rich and a blessing! Lisa Young, thank you for writing and sharing this with us!”
Susan Heimerdinger, Cincinnati, OH

“Please consider reading this book personally or as part of your Bible studies. It is truly inspiring.”
Lea Sinclair, Colorado Springs, CO




“I stopped highlighting…because I was highlighting EVERY sentence!”
~ Dr. Paul LeCompte, Cincinnati, OH


“This book came into my life just a few weeks ago and the truth that is revealed has already made an impact on me.” 
~ Sharon Palmeter, Maineville, OH

Online Courses

My online courses offer life-changing perspective with practical exercises to have a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit.

What Others Are Saying:

“Lisa’s teaching about the whole person and how we relate to God simplified the idea of integrating our mind, soul and body as we grow in our relationship with the Triune God. Her teaching on the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit completely changed my paradigm of how God wanted to relate to me. This was more than head knowledge; it was the Holy Spirit connecting in the deep places of my spirit. I am forever changed and grateful for the opportunity to be taught by this Spirit led woman of God.”

– Vicki Lunsford

“Through Lisa’s teaching I was able to see the exposed lies of the enemy and then find the true heart of God, allowing me to find and walk in the kingdom of God here on earth.”

 – Candice Smith

“I love Lisa’s teaching style. She is always encouraging as she speaks truth in love. I love how Lisa uses slides and examples from her own life because it helps me learn better through visual cues and how to apply it to my own life. It’s such a blessing listening and seeing the joy on her face as she talks and teaches about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

– Tina Elliot

“Listening to Lisa is like being wrapped in the Holy Spirit. The time goes way too fast. What a blessing.”

–Diane Skillman

How to be a Friend of God

Christianity has always been about a relationship with God, yet many of us have no idea how to have a friendship with an invisible God. 




Enneagram Orientation

In this course I will introduce you to the way that I use this tool according to the Gospel to facilitate inner healing and transformation.




Overcoming Anxious and Depressed Thoughts

God is deeply concerned about our inner life and integrating spiritual care into the equation of our mental and emotional health is an essential part of overcoming and living into our most alive self. 



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