Spiritual Mentorship

Be equipped to live beyond painful thoughts and feelings in order to enjoy the life God designed you to live!

This is a 12-week, one-on-one mentorship during which you will learn spiritual discernment, heal inner wounds, and walk in your unique identity and purpose with blessing and power! 

 Grow through online video lessons, reflective homework, and inner healing prayer encounters.

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A little about my story…

In 2021, life’s circumstances hit our family so hard I was pushed beyond my capacity to cope.

I knew I wanted to move forward stronger, healthier, with important relationships intact, but I didn’t have the resources or skills within myself to make the necessary shift.

I wanted to activate my faith, accelerate healing, and I was ready to get serious about making a change.

That was when I signed up for my first coaching program.

In 3 short months, God reached deep within, cleansed the devastating hurt I was carrying, and set me on a path to recalibrate my relationships so we could all move forward in a healthier way—a way that brought God glory.

It was nothing short of a miracle, certainly not the natural or normal course of life.

The Lord is now empowering me to help other Spirit-filled believers make similar transitions.

With over 10 years of teaching and mentoring experience, seminary education, and coaching certification, I now equip others to make an intimate connection with God through which he can heal, restore their mental and emotional wellbeing, give them a strong sense of identity, and launch them into a more fulfilling future.

Here are some of the amazing things that God is doing through the mentorship:

✨ A widow broke free from despair after her husband’s death 2 years ago. She is now dating and traveling and lovin’ life!
✨ A SAHM realized that she’s not broken and that her voice matters! She’s taking steps to start an abortion care ministry.
✨ A CEO is finally embracing her whole self so she can lead and love better at work and home.
✨ A coach finding deep healing, raising her from years of depression, allowing her to dream about ministry with God.
✨ A teacher resolving her anxieties in the Lord. She’s now planning on starting that business she’s been thinking about for 2 years!

What to expect:

✨ Connect to God’s Presence and Learn to Hear God’s Voice

✨ Discern your Thoughts and Throw Out Your Stinkin’ Thinkin’

✨ Heal from Past Pain and Emotional Blocks

✨ Get Clarity on your Unique Identity

✨ Move Forward Confidently in your Purpose

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Praise for Spiritual Formation with Lisa

“God sent me to Lisa in October of 2019. Lisa graciously agreed to be my spiritual mentor regardless of the fact we did not know one another at all. Through this work, God showed me a stronghold that I had with my youngest son. I was holding him as an idol for various deep-rooted reasons. This was causing issues in our home with my husband and in me. The stresses were at an all-time high.

Lisa was gentle but firm, curious, and compassionate. Through Lisa’s wisdom and promptings from the Holy Spirit, I was able to work through his stronghold. God had a plan with this. He knew I would need to work through this with Lisa before a very hard event happened in March of 2020.

Without the work I did with Lisa and her amazing ability to identify what was holding me back spiritually, this would’ve broken me. Don’t get me wrong, it was devastating and one of the hardest times in my life, but I made it through and trusted God in it. I’m in the ‘waiting,’ but I know God will come through.

Because of the work that Lisa helped me with, there have been so many blessings that came out of this. My relationships with my husband and older son so are stronger. There is harmony back in our home. My youngest son seems to be thriving. I no longer hold him on that ‘idol’ pedestal, my relationship with Christ is stronger, and I hear God more clearly now.

Lisa is easy to talk to, trustworthy, wise, righteous, and caring. I highly recommend working with her on any spiritual journey you are on.”  ~ Laurel S.

“Working with Lisa Young was a beautiful experience. She gently and clearly allows the Holy Spirit to speak through her. She senses what you are ready to hear and delivers His message succinctly and lovingly. Therefore, creating a safe and trusted space for growth and healing. 

Lisa identified in me two traits I did not know I carried. They were ugly traits, but she didn’t communicate them as ugly. She delivered them with understanding and compassion. When I became aware of these traits, I was able to find the root and become free from them. Therefore, I was able to begin healing from something I was carrying four decades.

Mentoring with Lisa changed my life in the best way possible. I walk lighter, freer and in better relationship with my spouse, my kids, my friends and most of all, My Creator.” ~ Kathy W.

“I have been struggling with praying (not feeling like I knew how) and hearing the voice of God. I was searching for him and feeling fairly apprehensive that I couldn’t ‘find’ Him.

I had a healing prayer session with Lisa and whatever was blocking me was released! I had been having heaviness in my chest due to anxiety and through this guided prayer session that was released as well…and has not come back!
After my session I had two dreams in a matter of three days where I was in a void just a serene light glowing from within me…I was in conversation with The Father!
On the second dream as I was waking I was still speaking in a prayer language with The Father!
I’m so grateful for Lisa. She really helped me ‘find’ The LORD again.” —Mariah Burton

If you would like to move forward, I’d love to have a conversation about what that would look like!