Enneagram Coaching

I get it. This idea of rich and abundant life may seem like some fairy-tale dream. Perhaps the reality of your life is anything but prosperous or joy filled.

Maybe you’ve done all things—checked all the boxes, read all the Bible verses, joined the right groups—yet feel no closer to God or have any more clarity on yourself or others.

Or maybe you’re hurt and keep hitting the same walls in your life, career, and relationships.

You want more…

The Enneagram is an ancient tool that helps us understand why we think, feel, and behave in certain ways. More than a personality typing tool, it illuminates our natural inner workings. In Christ, this powerful tool can be used to open our soul and welcome the transformational work of the Holy Spirit.

What to Expect

Develop self-awareness

Recognize God-given strengths

Transform weaknesses in Christ

Grow in emotional intelligence

Examine deep-rooted beliefs

Clarify your unique identity and purpose in life

Create, heal, and maintain meaningful and healthy relationships



Common FAQ:

“I thought the enneagram was some mystic symbol. Is it ok for Christians to use it?”

I agree with Augustine of Hippo, a famous theologian from the fifth century, who said, “A person who is a good and true Christian should realize that truth belongs to [God], wherever it is found, gathering and acknowledging it even in pagan literature.”  (On Christian Teaching75) The Bible itself recognizes and builds on truth from non-Christian sources (e.g., Acts 17:28 quotes two famous Greek philosophers). The enneagram is a communal tool which I am using from the perspective of the gospel for the expressed purpose of transformation in Christ. It is indeed a very powerful tool with the Holy Spirit!

Coaching Offerings

Guiding you to live in the Spirit by removing barriers and gaining clarity on your unique identity and purpose.

Awaken to Your Main Type

This includes a short introductory course, online assessment, and typing interview. 


Realizing You

This is a 5-session coaching package using personalized guide sheets to maximize our time and accelerate growth.




Enjoying Your Best Life

These are life coaching sessions as needed for honest feedback from a biblical and spiritual perspective.




introductory course

Not sure if you are ready to dive into coaching? Learn how I use the Enneagram as a pathway for spiritual, emotional, and relational growth.





What Others Are Saying

“Lisa is an amazing coach that helped me to understand my enneagram type. I feel that I understand myself and my tendencies better. I feel more empowered and self-aware after having gone through this course. She helped me also learn that how I’m wired is God’s work. Not mine. He designed me this way with purpose, and I need to live into that.”

– Christina Dickerson

“I have absolutely loved being coached by Lisa on the Enneagram. She is personable, encouraging, wise, educated, kind, understanding, and empathetic. Lisa offers coaching that helps you understand who you are in Christ as well as how he has wired you specifically. I gained so much insight on how I could utilize my strengths and grow in my weak areas. I would recommend her coaching to anyone!”  – Ansley Taylor

“The Enneagram has completely changed my view of how I interpret others as well as myself. I’ve seen significant growth in not only my marriage but other relationships too including workplace relationships. I’m able to think and process more clearly as well as show Grace to others. Understanding that God made each of us special for a reason, encourages me to embrace those that don’t think/act like me.” – Jeanna Byrd, Founder of The HarBett Agency

“I can better see the reasons I need the gospel, and the ability to embrace grace.”

–Trey Turner

“I’m so grateful I got to do work one-on-one with Lisa. She had good advisement and answered many of my questions. Lisa also is an excellent presenter/teacher. I learned a lot from her in this way as well.” –Jennifer Vezdos