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“Awesome word last night, Lisa! Thank you for your heart and transparency of how God works in your life. We are all truly blessed by your testimony and teaching.”
−Kathy Walters


“Lisa was on FIRE tonight!! At one point, I seriously wanted to stand up and cheer!! Teaching it GOOD!”


−Laura Strassell

“Lisa has been a spiritual light in my life. She speaks with wisdom and encouragement into difficult places. This was more than head knowledge, it was the Holy Spirit connecting in the deep places of my spirit. I am forever changed and grateful for the opportunity to be taught by this Spirit-led woman of God.”
-Vicki Lunsford

“I love Lisa’s teaching style. She is always encouraging as she speaks truth in love. It’s such a blessing listening and seeing the joy on her face as she talks and teaches about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”
-Tina Elliot


“Lisa, you have truly allowed God to use you—and it shows!! Your words come across so Spirit-filled! It’s just amazing!! God be with you and continue to let the words come through you as His sweet Spirit!!”
−Karen Herrington

Lisa is a dynamic speaker who speaks from the heart to make a lasting impact.

She engages her listeners with Biblical insight, inspires through personal stories, and creates a pathway for spiritual growth with activation exercises.

She speaks on a variety of topics including:

  • Overcoming Childhood Wounds
  • Going Beyond Limiting Beliefs
  • Walking in the Spirit
  • Being a Friend of God


  • Growing Up Spiritually and Emotionally
  • Discovering Your True Identity and Calling
  • Living Life Fully and Free

“Listening to Lisa is like being wrapped in the Holy Spirit. The time goes way too fast. What a blessing.”

-Diane Skillman



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