Life in the Spirit is a joyful, fulfilling and powerful way of living. But how do we live in the Spirit while constantly bombarded by life’s demands and stress? How do we remain in Christ while living everyday on earth? Remember the three R’s!

  1. Recognize God’s Prompting
  2. Realize the Flow of the Holy Spirit
  3. Resist Fear

In my early adult life, anxiety descended on me like a black cloud. I had chosen to go it alone in life by choosing to live according to my own will and desires. It left me fearful, lonely, and devoid of true joy. God used my anxiety and sensitive nature to train me to flow with the Holy Spirit in obedience as a lifestyle. He was teaching me to worship Him in every moment of every day.

Recognize God’s Prompting

During the early stages of learning to live life according to the Spirit, God’s prompting is simply an inclination, or leaning, on our heart. At first, it may be difficult to recognize if the inclination is of God or our own desires, but with a willing and teachable spirit we remain sensitive to whichever direction He is leading. If our heart is open, He can gently redirect us if we make a wrong turn.

Once I began to recognize His promptings, God would give me small tasks to do. He’d prompt me to drop someone a note or invite a stranger to join us on a ride at Kings Island. It’s these little things the Lord uses to teach us to recognize His prompting and to live according to His will.

Realize the Flow of the Holy Spirit

When we are open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit, we realize God is a living, breathing Being who is constantly moving in our midst. We begin to sense His movement and can go with the flow.

Learning to flow with His Spirit was a bit mechanical for me at first. I would get going in my day doing my own thing, and when the anxiety swelled I would stop and submit to God. I would ask Him what He would have me do in that moment and listen for His answer. As we mature, we simply flow in Him naturally, and the relationship becomes less mechanical.

Resist Fear

One thing I had to let go of was the need to understand. I had to be willing to make a mistake, and I had to put down my natural tendency to argue. With a logical mind, I had developed a habit of reasoning away His promptings when it didn’t make sense. I had to resist the fear that caused me to tell God, “I can’t, and here’s why.” Fear and pride had become a stumbling block which caused disobedience.

I had a big fear of what people would think and a fear of looking foolish or dumb. I needed to get over myself in order to do God’s will. What I found with great joy was that understanding often came after obedience.

Once I understood God’s perspective, the thoughts of other people began to loosen their grip on me. God was more interested in my trust. Wisdom and insight flowed naturally as a result of obedience to the Holy Spirit.

Learning to live life in the Spirit is a normal part of maturing in Christ. When we recognize God’s prompting, realize the flow of the Holy Spirit, and resist fear, our life takes on an eternal quality and we begin to enjoy life in abundance. We have more joy, more fulfillment, and experience power in a supernatural way.

What have you learned as a result of following the promptings of the Holy Spirit? Answer in the comments below!



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