What if we see our fear, anxiety, and insecurity as an opportunity to grow spiritually?

What if that pill, that prayer, that counseling isn’t meant to take your pain away?

What if God is using your stress, overwhelm, sleeplessness…as motivation?

What if it hasn’t gone away because that’s not the point?

I’ve got good news! Anxiety is a universal condition and the natural human response to uncertainty.

It’s completely normal!

Please stop condemning yourself. It’s not a sin or character flaw, but an opportunity.

Will you lean into your faith and learn to trust God with this moment, this circumstance, this situation?

Life is a trust walk, and God is often more patient with the process than we are.

He’s not mad or banging his head on the wall asking, “when are they going to get it?!?”

Surrender. Trust. Rest. Repeat.

And that’s a game changer.




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